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Tony Le

Game Programmer

About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm Tony Le and I am a recent game programming graduate of an Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) in Melbourne and specialising in Game Programming.

Programming is something I do with enthusiasm, drive and commitment. I believe that it is crucial for code to be efficient, clean, readable and extendable, whilst also minimising the impact on system resources.

I have written a number of apps, from simple to complex, as both part of my time at AIE and with my personal projects. My proudest achievements are my contributions to the StormRend project, BhaVE, my Behaviour Tree Visual Editor for Unity and the 3 day Game Jam project Dirty Chef Yoga. I hope you will enjoy browsing through my work below.

During my spare time, I enjoy designing and developing my own games and coding projects. I find that this self-led study and personal development allows me to challenge myself and further hone my skills and confidence.

Being a fresh graduate that has successfully completed a complicated and demanding final major project, believe I am more than prepared to enter the workforce and I am currently and actively seeking work in the industry. I look forward to helping your team meet its programming and game dev goals. 

Feel free to contact me about my work!



StormRend: Realm in Ruins

"Gather 'round the campfire and allow me to regale you with tales of heroism and valour. When the World Tree was under attack, the gods sent three Champions to come to its aid. Defend the World Tree, defeat the darkness and save the Realms from being plunged into an eternal winter in this Norse inspired turn-based strategy game."


Dirty Chef Yoga

"Chef yoga is dirty. He cooks for yoga practitioners. Also, for some reason he's a robot."
Help Chef Yoga satisfy his customers hunger needs in this wacky fast paced cooking game!


BhaVE - Behaviour Visual Editor

An easy to use and highly flexible and customisable behaviour editor to quickly create advanced AI algorithms for your Unity games.


Computer Graphics

C++ project demonstrating OpenGL graphics with a custom written shader that can handle multiple lights. The lights can be directional, omni or spot lights with fully adjustable parameters.


Physics for Games

C++ 2D project demonstrating colliders and rigidbody.
For each physics object you can choose the shape, size, material, friction and density.


Circuit Knights

A wacky robot jousting game where the goal is to knock off every part of your opponent until your win!



Isometric tech demo of AI decision making techniques and pathfinding algorithms.


Map Editor Tool

Create beautiful tiled maps for your 2D games.



You pilot a space fighter to shoot down a relentless and infinite barrage of space rocks!